There are so many ways to create meaningful thought leadership. To that end, we’ve compiled some of our favorite earned media placements of 2023 that were secured and developed on behalf of our tech clients. anthonyBarnum team members explain why the coverage was so significant to the client’s objective and what they loved about the piece.

We also categorized the placements to help demonstrate the various approaches we leverage to create meaningful earned media outcomes.

Expert Positioning

ForbesTax And The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

Originally published as an episode for the podcast “Tax Notes Talk”, John McGowan, CEO of HubSync, emphasizes the significant potential of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly generative AI (GenAI), in automating manual tasks within the tax and accounting industry.

“John is a renowned tax technology expert. We’re excited to see this startup company leverage its founder’s expertise early on in the campaign within Tier 1 business media,” said Kat Long, senior account executive.

Recognition for Innovation

Fast CompanyFrom using AI to enhance studying to developing a malaria treatment, these 4 brands are education innovators

After exploring new avenues to reach a larger higher education business audience, Watermark secured a spot on the prestigious Fast Company “Brands That Matter” list. The editorial coverage amplified the EdTech software company’s share of voice by over 7 million potential unique readers. It aligned the organization with industry giants such as Sesame Workshop, Quizlet, and Purdue University.

“We loved seeing Watermark break out and gain enormous visibility for its commitment and innovation in higher-ed. Not only is this a coveted placement, but it also summarizes their advancement and contribution to higher-ed,” said Coleman Pyeatt, account manager.

Revolutionary Data Thought Leadership

Fox NewsAI health care platform predicts diabetes with high accuracy but ‘won’t replace patient care’

Fox News covered Cedar Gate’s first data-driven analytics release highlighting the company’s advanced AI platform that identifies individuals at risk for diabetes with over 80% accuracy. This placement was a favorite because the technology represented an unparalleled breakthrough and raised the company’s brand profile dramatically with this ultra-high circulation placement.

“We wanted this incredible news to reach everyone! It’s so important that the general public, as well as healthcare audiences, know the kinds of advancements that are happening and capable of changing the trajectory of chronic conditions,” said Long.

Defining Differentiation through Thought Leadership

First Report Managed Care – Innovating Prior Authorization With Responsible AI

Sam Roushan, senior vice president of clinical transformation at Cohere Health, shares how responsible AI is informed with sound clinical knowledge and can stay within ethical and legal boundaries to benefit payers, providers, and patients.

“We love this piece because we were able to secure coverage that captured all of the client’s key messaging related to their category-leading AI solution for healthcare. It’s also a great article thanks to its depth of message and strategic focus on target audiences,” said Matt Maurel, VP.

Scientific Commentary

USA TodaySkin patch for toddlers with peanut allergies could offer parents ‘peace of mind’

Dr. Weily Soong, chief research innovation officer at AllerVie Health, emphasizes the potential of the Viaskin Peanut patch in response to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, covered by USA Today. He provides additional commentary on how the new treatment can help parents manage and protect their children from a dangerous and life-threatening allergy.

“This is the type of story that is a win-win for everyone. Dr. Soong is a renowned expert and was able to support a critical medical advancement in allergies while reaching millions across the country who need to know about this technology,” said Ana Love, assistant account executive.

Technical Thought Leadership

Global Banking and Finance Review Workload automation and orchestration to eliminate the risks of homegrown scripts for financial institutions

A key communications objective for many marketers in the fintech space is articulating the magnitude of risk. SMA Technologies sought to communicate the many risks posed when a credit union or bank opts to grow their own custom scripts – from the threat of manual errors creating security gaps to the risk of losing institutional knowledge amidst unpredictable hiring and staff retention.

“This Global Banking and Finance Review article empowered SMA Technologies to tell a highly technical story to practitioners outside of IT roles,” said Pyeatt.

Mega Funding Announcement

TechCrunchMosaic raises $26M to help inform companies’ financial decisions

Mosaic raised a Series C of notable proportions earlier in 2023. The placement features the funding and dives into the company’s differentiated strategic finance platform. Known as a highly competitive outlet, the placement in TechCrunch is often a top priority for tech companies.

“We were excited to land such a prominent piece in TechCrunch that enabled the company to really explain the value and benefits of its breakthrough platform,” said Maurel.

Expanding Vertical Thought Leadership

Industry TodayActive Listening in Manufacturing

WorkHound successfully expanded its presence in the manufacturing sector with a featured placement in Industry Today. The in-depth piece is a part of the company’s overall expansion strategy into new markets.

“The article’s exposure in a leading manufacturing publication not only amplified the company’s visibility but also positioned its role as a vital player in the sector,” said Pyeatt.

Thought Leadership for Category Creation

CEO WorldThe Next Frontier in Customer Support

As part of positioning SupportLogic’s leadership in the customer experience category, we secured an expert piece that defines the company’s vision. The CEO contributed a byline that enabled him to communicate the most important messages about the benefits of his company’s technology.

“CEO thought leadership pieces are highly valuable . This one serves as a platform type of placement that summarizes the drivers and benefits to the market. Additionally, it calls on other CEOs to think practically and strategically about upping their customers’ experience,” said Cecilia Diaz, account executive.

Thought Leadership for Important Compliance Requirements

Federal News NetworkIn pursuit of digital accessibility: Navigating the impact of Section 752 on federal agencies

Ahead of a digital accessibility audit across federal agencies in the United States, Level Access sought to reach Section 508 coordinators responsible for procuring compliant, accessible information communication technology (ICT).

“Placing one of the only thought leadership perspectives on the topic in a Tier 1 trade publication demonstrates domain authority and builds trust with prospective buyers about the highly nuanced yet critical subject matter,” said Pyeatt.