Description: UneeQ sought to dramatically increase its visibility to target audiences through a high cadence, ongoing Tier 1 national tech media campaign. Their initial objectives were to dramatically increase their share of voice within the emerging category of digital humans. anthonyBarnum leveraged a series of advanced thought leader and news strategies to commence the campaign.

Description: anthonyBarnum’s objective was to translate the power of the G5 platform to its persona-based audiences. The key challenge was a trade media environment that was traditionally less likely to cover advancements in technology platforms. To surmount this, the G5 platform’s value proposition needed to be weaved into narratives highlighting product differentiation to target media.

Description: The PR campaign was designed to increase educators’ understanding of the capabilities of the Panorama platform, and the software’s ability to advance students by bringing significant and structured focus to the impact of social and emotional development as a key facet of learning.

Description:A newly formed company resulting from a merger, Veriforce sought to rapidly carve out dominion over its category through a high cadence earned media campaign. A key strategy was developing thought leadership that aligned with the company’s core missions to bring workers home safely.

“aB provided our law firm with a consistent, professional public relations resource and trusted media advisor. They helped us increase our coverage, expand our reach in the marketplace, and put us on a consistent communications plan that produced much higher quality communications that we had ever published before. Shortly after on-boarding with our firm, it was decided that our firm would move forward with a merger to conclude in ten weeks. aB provided us with a media strategy that integrated the concurrent launch of our new website, helped with the on boarding of attorneys and staff new to the firm and promoted newly added legal practices.

“Working with the aB team is like working with an extension of my own company. From day one, they came in, got to know us and our business and began crafting and guiding communications strategy to help us attain our business’ goals. I could not effective do my job without the professional, prompt services that I receive from aB. They are an integral part of our marketing and business development team.”

Amy P. Verhulst, Coats Rose
“Before partnering with anthonyBarnum, Insights had virtually no external media presence with the exception of the organization’s corporate website and social media accounts. Through securing more than 50 placements in strategic industry publications, anthonyBarnum has elevated the company’s North American and global brand profile.

“The agency has also helped Insights ingrain public relations as a crucial business function within the organization’s corporate communications team. This can be evidenced by a newly released digital media center hosted on insights.com, showcasing the organization’s recent media placements and highlighting useful resources for journalists.

“Our partnership with anthonyBarnum Public Relations has changed how our marketing and communications team thinks and functions in support of our global business. Although the organization is an external partner, in many ways anthonyBarnum feels like an in-house function in the way they have become ingrained in our organization’s operations.”

Virginia Fraser, Insights Learning and development
“Prior to retaining anthonyBarnum, Innography had minimal visibility. The anthonyBarnum team put together a systematic and programmatic approach that focused on thought leadership exposure designed to position the core differentiations of the product set.

“The firm’s work included a mix of corporate PR initiatives, such as sophisticated award programs validating the innovative technology; advanced product narratives; and creative ‘newsjacking’ opportunities for us to discuss high profile IP issues.

“Our collaboration with anthonyBarnum resulted in deep coverage within Tier 1 national outlets, regional outlets and legal industry trades.

anthonyBarnum has a team of strategic, responsive PR professionals with a sophisticated understanding of how to move an organization from no visibility to substantial media coverage.”

Ashley Degollado, Innography

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