Deep Experience in Preparedness, Security & Response Tech PR
PR strategies designed for preparedness, security, & response tech

anthonyBarnum has unique and extensive experience collaborating with preparedness, security and response related technologies transforming safety and risk. With a deep understanding of municipal and federal media landscapes, as well as the private sector, anthonyBarnum crafts tailored PR campaigns to increase visibility, generate continuous media coverage, and position clients as industry leaders.

How we approach PR for preparedness, security & response technology companies

anthonyBarnum creates thought leadership narratives designed to connect with today’s most pressing trends. We leverage a metrics-driven approach and target the highest priority verticals on behalf of our clients. Our firm leverages a distinct methodology designed to optimize outcomes and reach targeted audiences via high-cadence, engaging PR strategies.

anthonyBarnum’s mixture of thought leadership with news releases is designed to catalyze coverage and accelerate media interest for ongoing coverage. With extensive experience in a range of preparedness, security, and response tech, our firm is well acquainted with the media most likely to cover innovations that support public safety.


We collaborate with marketers to:
  • Leverage breaking news to provide insights into solutions
  • Carve out new categories via thought leadership
  • Rapidly scale visibility to reach specific decision-makers

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