anthonyBarnum represents breakthrough and innovative technology companies with products that have global impact. We guide our clients in PR programs that connect their technology to the most influential media in the world. From product launches to intensive thought leadership campaigns, we have a transformative, results-driven approach.
We work with technology companies to develop campaigns that include:
  • Elevating from technology trade to national Tier 1
  • Product and innovation focused outreach
  • Strategies designed to “own” the conversation
Health Care
Health Care
Health care and biopharma companies select anthonyBarnum to raise awareness, educate the public and influence key audiences.
Our team distills complex messages and connects concepts, data, advocates, policy makers and the media to accomplish objectives.
We work with health care and biopharma companies to:
  • Build awareness around treatments
  • Align public perception and policy makers
  • Launch new products and services
Real Estate
Real Estate & Infrastructure
Technology is converging into our roads and bridges, homes are infused with smart tech, and visionaries are building cities and spaces that break old paradigms.
anthonyBarnum partners with influential and market leading companies that are laying the foundation for a new generation of structures, workplaces and transportation systems.
We collaborate with real estate firms to:
  • Explain complex challenges in real estate
  • Launch new commercial and residential developments
  • Position thought leaders on critical issues impacting the built environment
Professional Services
Professional Services
anthonyBarnum collaborates with experts across complex subject matters to create a competitive advantage for professional service organizations in an increasingly flooded pool of service offerings.
Firms in an array of fields including environmental, workforce development, engineering and design select anthonyBarnum to elevate their strategic visibility.
We work with professional services companies to:
  • Create high-impact national and trade media thought leadership campaigns
  • Author extraordinary ePapers and byline articles
  • Create and forward social media that is relevant and compelling