States across the country have reopened. The mood is cautious, but business and economic recovery are underway. Market dynamics have changed for many industries – sometimes several times over in the course of the pandemic. As we turn the corner on the bottom half of a tumultuous year, executive marketers are looking ahead toward recovery, progress and to what’s next. Companies are not just looking at getting through the pandemic; many are looking at how to make the most headway – in advance of competition – as business rebounds.

There are several big categories of thought leadership emerging as we venture into our next phase. We expect to see these concepts covered in various forms throughout the next several weeks.

Life with COVID-19 – Don’t you just wish you never heard anyone refer to this virus again? Well, instead we are going to walk arm-in-arm with it until there is a vaccine or a rocket ship treatment. This is a big category of macro thought leadership that extends to how we manage health care, respond to emergencies, control exposure in workplace settings, and conduct commerce. Technologies that impact and streamline “life with COVID-19” are of vital importance and interest within the media.

Back to School in the COVID-Zone – Whether your state opens schools or not, there’s still a need for education backup plans and alternatives – for K-12, college and universities. Educators need a continually advancing set of e-learning tools to forward outcomes. Even in the most open states, plans are being put into place to provide options. This is a real boon for EdTech – and thought leaders need to get out in front to speak to how their solutions can bridge the gap.

HEROES Act – While much of this next stimulus remains up for debate, it’s projected to be finalized after the July 4th holiday. Initial drafts of the legislation outline funding for health care, K-12, college and universities, municipalities, first responders and much more. Many executive marketers with highly relevant solutions are staying current on the bill as it makes its way through the Senate. In industries where conferences were common ways of building pipeline, marketers are looking to PR to help drive additional attention to their solution’s capabilities. Marketers recognize they need to be out front to receive one of the largest, most diversified infusions of stimulus the U.S. has ever seen!

The WFH that Doesn’t End – Whether you like working from home or prefer the office, remote work is here to stay through the pandemic – and it presents a myriad of issues for departments across companies – training, company cultural cohesion, hiring and onboarding, security and project management to name just a few. Any business process still undertaken in spreadsheets feels even more of a timewaster. Those companies plunged into remote work have surely identified the areas where they need to improve – and the processes they need to advance their missions. This continues to represent an important area for thought leaders to help companies identify and address the productivity they may be leaving on the table, as well as implementing new processes to streamline the areas they had to transition to remote with no runway.

The Reopening – and What’s Next – With experts relatively optimistic about a vaccine on the horizon, and a nation focused on getting back its economic wherewithal, we are in the midst of a recovery. For most companies, this means looking ahead; leveraging this time of transition to outpace competitors; and predicting just what the pandemic accelerated in terms of technology adoption. It will also be a time where we begin to reclaim the things we loved – to the greatest extent possible.

All of these concepts in the media provide an opening for sophisticated marketers to position their technology in the context of thought leadership – positioning their innovations to markets that are eager to go forward into what’s next.