The benefits of a PR internship for non-PR majors

I was initially nervous when I accepted my offer to be the fall 2017 intern for anthonyBarnum Public Relations. I had just graduated with my degree in public administration and hadn’t taken a single public relations course while in college. I had taken professional writing courses, and written press releases and constituent correspondence while working at the Capitol, but this was my first step into the public relations field.

By taking a chance and stepping out of a professional comfort zone, non-PR majors have the chance to improve career skills at a PR internship, including:

  • Communications development
  • Business acumen
  • Time management
  • Account management

Public relations interns have the chance to improve communications skills by drafting social media posts for clients, writing pitches for generating media interest and taking detailed notes on client-related award nominations. Listening in on calls and meetings with clients and reporters is also a great experience for developing professional communications.

Recent graduates can get a good start with increasing their business acumen by being introduced to fields that they may never have been exposed to before. anthonyBarnum works with a variety of B2B companies, such as law firms, professional services, health care, real estate and technology. These diverse industries are a valuable mix for broadening business experience.

With the multitude of projects PR interns are assigned, they quickly become familiar with deadlines and quick turnarounds. As a public relations intern, being flexible, but diligent, is key to ensuring deadlines are hit on time. Communicating with colleagues on an account can mean the difference between accomplishing or failing campaign goals.

Interns can see firsthand how executives and supervisors manage their accounts. This includes external and internal management: planning and developing social media and press releases, securing media opportunities, and holding weekly meetings to make sure the campaign is in-line. Interns will also be exposed to the resources used by a PR firm – tools like Hootsuite and Cision software, which are necessary to operate elements of a campaign.

Even if graduates aren’t looking to stay in the public relations field, an internship with a PR firm is a great way to broaden their overall business skills and build expertise in any industry or profession.


Written by: Brandon Renshaw

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