When a company receives a media placement in a tier-1 publication, it calls for a team celebration! Everybody is thrilled with the piece, its reach and relevancy. But, how should the marketing and sales teams use the story to fulfill the company’s primary objectives – closing business and securing new opportunities?

At anthonyBarnum, our work isn’t complete once we secure a few key industry and national publication articles for a client. Our team continues to come up with new stories to tell and new ways to leverage the stories that have run. Additionally, there are a few things the client can work on that will continue to maximize their PR investment.Here are six ways internal teams can boost the impact of a company’s key published story:

  1. Website showcase – The digital team should feature the story on the ‘news’ section of the company website. If there is a sidebar that’s easy to edit on the home page, include it there as well.
  2. Social media reach – The marketing team should share the article across all company social media pages. The story can be showcased two to three times on each account – just be sure to space out promotional posts by including relevant industry news stories in between.
  3. Sales push – The sales team should send the story to appropriate potential clients. If the story covered an update to the company’s software and the sales team had been speaking with existing clients to upgrade them to the new software, this would be the perfect opportunity to share the coverage with them. Sharing the story praising the upgrades is a simple but effective way to assist in closing the deal. C-Suite executives and the sales team should also include high-profile articles in their email signature as another subtle way to highlight the company’s accomplishments.
  4. Media as art – If the story is visual, meaning it includes attractive images and has a show-worthy layout, the marketing team can work with a printing company to have it laid out and framed to hang inside the company headquarters. Showcasing strong media placements in the lobby or the hallway leading to the company conference room is a great way to highlight accomplishments for prospective clients and visitors.
  5. Conference handout – Companies attending annual industry conferences should create a PDF handout of the article to include as literature at their booth. It can also be included in a folder or gift bag that is passed out to attendees or as a takeaway on the table to share with interested passersby.
  6. Newsletter inclusion – If a company is regularly communicating with current and potential new clients using demand generation or a monthly newsletter, they should include the standout story in the next round of outreach. Current customers love to hear positive news about the company, and this is a great way to share those accolades.

When the team receives its next tier-1 media placement, it will likely see a positive impact on potential new customer outreach and website traffic from the media story running alone. However, by taking a few extra steps, they can push the piece out even further to maximize its value, and perhaps seal a deal in the works.