Public relations campaigns come in all shapes and sizes, and are built to serve a wide range of objectives. Core content can be restructured and reassembled to work in different ways and in different environments. That’s one of the strengths of PR: It offers tremendous flexibility.

Some PR campaigns are structured to build brands or promote partnerships. Other campaigns are extremely tactical, designed to directly generate leads. These usually include a call-to-action that sends prospects to a qualifying webform, which in turn captures names and funnels them directly into a customer relationship management (CRM) database for further engagement and progress toward a sale. Occasionally, these calls-to-action attract prospects who are ready to buy, have a budget and are seeking a bit of direction.

More often, though, PR campaigns have a slightly softer sell, promoting brand attributes, developing thought leadership and building big-picture industry vision. But, all PR campaigns, in some way, should serve the bottom line: Attracting prospects, keeping them in the pipeline and helping to deliver qualified leads.

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