Panorama Education is incorporating student intervention tracking into all-in-one platform to deliver actionable insights for educators.

By Sara Friedman

The Panorama Student Success Platform is getting an upgrade with the launch of a new multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) and response to intervention (RTI) tracking system. The new solution will enable educators to assign and mange evidence-based interventions across multiple tiers of support. The system also gives educators the ability to collaborate more interventionists, support staff and administrators.

Through the implementation of the MTSS and RTI frameworks, the Panorama Student Success platform helps educators bring together multiple sources of traditionally siloed data into one place. This system allows educators to better track the real-time progress of their students while having access to a unified platform to help identify students who need additional support.

“Through Panorama’s work with over 900 school districts across the country, we’ve seen that one of the key challenges for educators right now is prioritizing time and resources to have the most impact on students,” said Aaron Feuer, co-founder and CEO of Panorama Education. “Our goal at Panorama Education is to build technology and partner with educators to help solve these pain points, so they can better serve the needs of every child.”

Panorama Education currently services more than nine million students in 11,500 schools across the U.S. states. More information about Panorama Student Success can be found here.

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