Boost your Content Marketing Strategy with These 5 Simple Principles

A proper content marketing strategy serves to create unique content, engage target audiences and, ultimately, increase revenue. Today, companies are producing more content than ever before. According to a study from the Content Marketing Institute released in the last quarter of 2016, 70 percent of B2B content marketers expected their organization to create more content in 2017 than the previous year. Every year this study found that companies are meeting their own expectations by continuing to drive more and more marketing content.

Stick to these five simple marketing principles to make sure your content marketing strategies stand out from the crowd in a sea of content.

1. Clarity – First, understand your goals and set expectations. What are you trying to accomplish? What is the problem you are attempting to solve, not just for your organization, but for your target audience? Create a plan and a timeline based on your answers.

There are so many companies out there with great ideas, but they end up putting their content cart before their strategy horse. Essentially, they set themselves up for failure before they ever really got going.

2. Imagination – Move outside of your content comfort zone. Develop your company’s own unique visual brand or sense of style and it will prove to be more beneficial than strictly adhering to best practices.

In other words, make sure you understand what’s on trend, but then use that to develop your own memorable content. Simply duplicating the same dull content marketing approaches that countless other business are applying makes it easy to fade into the background.

3. Quality – Another way to stand out is to ensure your content is carefully thought out and well written. All content marketers don’t necessarily have to be the best writers in the world. However, marketers can continue to set themselves apart from the pack by continually honing their writing skills, as well as integrating meaningful information and stories into your content.

Engage your target audience’s stories that foster inspiration and emotions. If you want to improve your content marketing, it is absolutely essential that the content be clear, concise and engaging.

4. Be a Solution – Your company may already be doing a fine job at creating marketing content, but what haven’t you tried yet that may be the missing key? We all know the basics like blogs, white papers and infographics, but what else can we create for our clients and target audiences that will assist them in achieving their goals?

5. Commitment – See it through. Rough patches and the occasional failure is a natural part of the job. The marketing world can often be complicated, and cause and effect are often hard to connect. One must utilize quick and nimble marketing management approaches to survive in an ever-changing content rich environment. Pairing long-term planning with active communication management strategies will better allow your marketing to align with changing priorities that achieve your goals.

It may go without saying, but if you want to outshine your competitors, you need to constantly remind your audience why they should choose you instead of them. Finally, if you ever feel like you’re not making headway, take a step back to survey the situation, find a solution, then get back in there to keep those content marketing gears turning.

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